• The concept of the orchestra restaurant & cafe is combined with
    rhythm, music and modernity
    it's unique spirit and mood that brings the classic modern world creating a different lifestyle experience.

    The restaurant serves the finest mediterranean & continental cuisine with the best cocktails, pastries and espresso favourites.

  • Leil nhar is an enhanced quick service lebanese diner and coffee shop serving a variety of innovative dishes, coffee and smoothies consumed day and night.

    It is a friendly restaurant catering to clients day and night with a diversified menu corner and in a contemporary lifestyle; which is manifested in the décor, menu and trends.

  • The universal circle of life is eternal and always in motion.

    This is why you should smile at a complete stranger, help out a colleague, spare some quality time for an old friend, be a sensible parent celebrate good times and smile through hard times.

  • A Tugra (or tughra) is an outstanding calligraphic imperial design, monogram or a kind of signature of the Ottoman Sultans.It bears the names of the sultan and his father and the prayers “el muzaffer daima-ever victorious” in most of them.